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Clear, concise and compelling content can help your business communicate more effectively. That's putting it simply. Aside from helping your business or brand to sound smarter, well-written content can:

  • Create a deeper connection with your audience
  • Promote your product or service in an engaging way
  •  Build or boost your online presence
  • Encourage clients and customers to come back for more

I’ve written and edited hundreds of articles, blogs and research papers for brands and businesses around the world. I've ghost-written for Fortune-500 CEOs and business leaders, securing them coverage in top-tier media across Europe and Asia Pacific. I’ve written web copy, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, event collateral, press releases and award entries. I've story boarded video concepts and produced entire multi-media marketing campaigns.

Writing & Editorial Services

Maybe you're a marketer lacking in-house editorial resource, or perhaps you're agency-side and need specific expertise to fulfill a client brief. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation, chat.

Ideas & Strategy

You have content and it isn't gaining traction with your desired audience. Or maybe you need help devising your content strategy from scratch. Or you simply need fresh ideas to keep your existing pipeline strong. Whatever your challenge, I can offer hands-on editorial support, strategic guidance, or both.


A good interview can yield multiple pieces of content - from articles to Q&As, and Vox Pops. It's the perfect way to 'manage your message', and offer your clients, customers, the media and even your own employees unique insights into your brand or business. I can work within an existing  brief or use the interview to source angles, whether it's on camera, over the phone or face to face. I'll write it up for you, too <see writing services>


Beyond basic copy edits, working with a professional editor can transform your report, research paper, article or blog at a structural level, improving everything from the overall flow to the underlying message. I'll work with you to edit lengthy, complex material into crisp, coherent content, which is consistent with your commercial objectives.  


Video is no longer an optional extra for marketers. But it's still daunting for those without the expertise. I can work with you on everything from concept (talking heads, animations, news-style packages) to execution (as a producer) as well as manage the edit and feedback process. I'll coach interviewees on camera to get the best soundbites, and even work with you to ensure your vendors offer a fair price.  


Whether it's 30 characters or 300 pages.  I can write:

  • Features, news, advertorials
  • Blogs & bylines
  • Web copy
  • Social media copy
  • Brochures & promotional material
  • Press releases
  • Reports and white papers
  • Presentations
  • Video scripts & talking points

Event reporting

Covering a corporate event like the news media is a great way to generate content for internal or external comms. I've served as a roving reporter at events in Europe in Asia, helping companies to extract meaningful insights, generate social media buzz, and produce post-event marketing collateral. 

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About me

I'm a Brit, currently based in Shanghai, working with clients all over the world. I was a journalist in a former life, nowadays I use my writing and editing skills to transform corporate marketing material from mundane to memorable.